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Covid-19 Clubhouse usage procedures

In addition to all existing Association rules, the Committee has seen fit to add new temporary rules to the “Association Byelaws”, as below, during the Covid-19 Pandemic. PLEASE FAMILIARISE YOURSELF WITH THESE.

All rules must be strictly adhered to. Any acts of Anti-Social behaviour or disregarding of these rules, the member(s)concerned will be asked to leave the club & may face a “temporary” or “Lifetime Ban”.

1   The Club will be open to Members only, (NO GUESTS).  Please use Common Sense & respect other members and Staff’s social distance when at the Club and wash or sanitise your hands frequently.


2   Members wishing to come to the Club should phone, to book a table on 023 9273 2906. All members inside the club, to be sat at an allocated table. Members may book a table outside on the balcony and are allowed to stand at that table.

3   Members may arrive “on spec” and will be allocated a table inside, (space permitting), or may sit at a table on the balcony. (If it rains, or gets cold etc, members on the balcony will only be allowed into the Clubhouse if tables are available and social distancing regulations can be observed. If there is no room these members will have to leave the premise!) Any member wearing a face mask must remove this, if asked to do so by the Police or the Bar staff, for identification purposes.

4   Please note that there is a “one way” system in operation in the clubhouse. Please observe and follow the signs around the club.Entrance to be via the normal “side” gate to the main entrance. The Intercom must be used to gain entrance to the club.

5  On entering the gate, you must turn right & walk around the Clubhouse, Up the stairs onto the balcony and in Via the door.

6  Hands to be sanitised on entering the Club & all members names to be written in the attendance book. (These will be kept for 21 days for track & trace, as per HM government regulations)

Please follow any instructions given by the Bar staff, at all times.

Then proceed to your allocated table, observing Social distancing within the Club. Alternatively, a free Cleared & Sanitised table will be allocated to you. Any children attending the club must remain seated, at all times.


9 When called to the bar, please take your empty Glasses & rubbish to the table adjacent to the Bar-Billiards table. (Only one person at a time at the Bar area)

10 Please then step to the balcony door side of the Bar and stand behind the service line. Staff will then take your order. When called forward move to the Bar where your payment will be taken by contactless / card & Pin only, NO CASH! On completion please step back to the service line & wait.

11 Your drinks etc will be delivered to the Bar. When called to collect them, please move to the bar, collect your order and take to your table.

12  Please let the Bar staff know when you next need to order and repeat from instruction 7 again.

13 For the toilets, please use the Exit door, adjacent to the Fruit machine. Descend via the stairway, keeping to the left. There is a Vacant / Engaged sign on the door to the Ladies and the Gents toilets, which should be observed. If Engaged, please wait, as only one person at a time should enter the toilets. Please move to Engaged as you enter and to vacant as you leave!

14 On leaving the toilets, Hands to be washed with soap for a minimum of 20 secs. Then the sign is to be moved to Vacant, ready for the next user.

15  To re-enter the Clubroom, exit into the compound & go back up the stairs to the balcony door. Please Sanitise your hands on entry to the clubhouse.    

16  On leaving the Clubhouse, please leave via the stairway to the toilets & turn right out of the door and “side” gate, observing social distancing rules.  Members entering have priority over those leaving via the “side” gate, so please “Give Way”.

This layout is not to scale, yellow marked areas are either time limited or restricted

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Bar Area 3d  2 Small

Follow the signs after entering and ensure you use sanitiser

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