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lighthouse About The Club

L.H.F.A. was founded in 1934 by a group of local professional fishermen to protect the environment and promote their interests in the harbour.

In the 1950’s sea angling became more popular as a sport and leisure activity and the membership of the L.H.F.A. began to include anglers as well as professional fishermen.

At present the membership stands at over 160. The majority of the active members being anglers.

Up until 1961 the L.H.F.A. had no premises or boat laying up facilities and so a group of far sighted committee members decided to try and lease a plot of land from Portsmouth City Council to build a Clubhouse and yard. The result was a two storey Clubhouse and boat compound, this was built entirely by L.H.F.A. members and friends of the association.

The Clubhouse was officially opened in 1963 by the late Mr Jack Hargreaves a countryside and fishing T.V. Presenter some of you will remember the series “Out of Town”(see Historic Photo’s).  The Clubhouse has a licensed bar on the first floor accessed by stairs, a verandah with unrestricted views over the harbour and is a favourite place in the summer. Social events and fishing competitions are held on a regular basis. Laying up facilitis are available in the yard surround the Clubhouse on a monthly charge.

The yard and Clubhouse stand at head of a tidal basin which is all that remains in the City of the Portsmouth-Arundel Canal system circa. 1822.The Original brick built sea lock still remains and provides access via a slipway to Langstone Harbour on high water high spring tides. The basin is also used under licence form Portsmouth Council as a sheltered berth for members boats on a monthly charge. L.H.F.A. are licensed by the Harbour Board to allocate mud moorings (click here for charges) on the North and South side of the channel to Eastney Lake and Southsea Marina. Currently there are a number of vacant moorings to accomodate vessels up to 7.62Mtrs (25ft)  

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