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Lock Stock & Tackle  for all your fresh and sea water tackle/bait.

26 Elm Grove, Southsea PO5 1JG 023 9281 2478 www.lockstockandtackle.com   Discount available on certain items to L.H.F.A. members .        

L.H.F.A would like to thank Anton for his continued support

Solent Tackle for all your tackle and bait.

147 Winter Road, Southsea PO4 8DR 023 9273 9116   www.solenttackle.co.uk  Discount available on certain items to L.H.F.A. members 

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www.langstoneharbour.org.uk Tel: (023) 9246 3419  VHF Ch12 & 16 (Working hours)email: admin@langstoneharbour.org.uk

Wetwheels Boat 103
Wetwheels Boat 2

WETWHEELS enables people with disabilities to go boat angling. Wetwheels is a fully accessible powerboat designed for wheelchair users to fish in comfort and safety.  For further information go to www.wetwheels.co.uk  or contact Geoff Holt on 07814 361655.

The Rum Club Logo

The brainchild of Vincent and Giles, The Rum Club offers you to join as a member and the opportunity to learn about, explore and be part of the world of rum whilst building your own unique collection.    www.the-rum-club.com

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