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Membership Application forms can now be downloaded either in PDF or Word format.

In Word format it can be filled in electronically and also a passport size photo can be added (don’t forget to delete spaces under photo after you have added it, so only one page)

If you do not know anyone to either propose or second you the Club will still consider applicants who can provide references.


To download click on appropriate file    PDF File      Word File


When word file is downloaded a security warning will be displayed, to fill out the form within Word you will have to enble this option.. If you do not want to then just print out the form.

2020 Membership Fees

The club has kept membership fees the same as 2019

Membership fees are due from 1st Jan 2020, and, must be paid by 31st Jan 2020

Family Member   -   73      Adult Member   -   67     Senior Member  (over 65)  -   39

Junior Member   -   18  Associate Member   -   36    Senior Family    (over 65)   -  42

We would be grateful if you would let us have your email address. This will only be used for these Newsletters, or if we need to contact you urgently. Thank you.

We do run a “Christmas Club” each year! If anyone would like to join the current one, or needs more information, then please contact Linda, Dawn, Sue or Tee behind the Bar!


ALL Boat owners, please contact the Boatswain, (Graham Jewell), or a member of the Committee, BEFORE, bringing boats into, or out of the Canal or Compound!

All boats whether on a mooring, in the canal or compound must have an in date valid certificate of insurance which must be produced when asked for.

Compound fees are 35 per plot, p.c.m.  (Over 1 year, Permission to be obtained from the Committee).

Canal fees are 17.50 p.c.m.

Nb. For Compound and Canal Over 1 year it will be a multiple of original monthly fee as set by the Committee.

Dingy Fee is 50 per year, up to 10 feet long. Over this size will be set by the committee!

All the above fees are payable 1 month in advance!

Outboard Store is 30 per year, or, 40 per year for a corner cage, Locker 10 per year

Mooring Fees are 143.50 and are due on 1st April 2020, and must be paid by 30th April 2020.

A valid insurance certificate must be shown.

Any mooring unpaid by this date, or any “Unused” moorings, may be re-allocated by the Committee      

                     The committee reserve the right to change these charges.

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