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lighthouse Local Area

Langstone Harbour from which the L.H.F.A. takes it’s name is one of three harbours locally.

Portsmouth Harbour to the West with it’s Naval Base and bustling commercial activity

Chichester Harbour to the East with it’s yachting and leisure interests

Langstone is a special place, it is the least exploited harbour and is of tremendous environmental importance being designated amoung others a S.S.S.I.  (Site of Special and Scientific Interest). It is also as internationally important site for a wide variety of wildlife and migratory birds. Many species of fish can be caught within the harbour. The Solent, Isle of Wight and Nab areas are all within easy reach.

Please remember the speed limit in the main harbour is 10 knots and can be 5 knots in places. Also due to the narrow entrance two dangerous conditions occur, with wind against tide the sea condition at the harbour entrance can be very rough and the other is the speed of the main flood and ebb tides.

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