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LHFA cannot be responsible for any errors or problems you encounter when altering your system settings or downloading software to any device. Please take safe guards as instructed by device manufacturer.

If you are not sure then please get expert help

Please let me know if you think anything can be improved (email Webmaster), Thanks.

To view camera User name is  lhfauser  and Password is lhfa

Mobile phone Apps

Vacron Viewer Android click HERE

Vacron Viewer i have found will not work on all Android devices so try vMEyeSuper click HERE to download but this does have advertising on it !

IPhone Please goto your itunes App area and search out Vacron Viewer or vMEyeSuper but this one does have advertising Or try these links  Vacron Viewer    or    vMEYeSuper

Windows Phone Click HERE

Blackberry Phone Click HERE

You are welcome to try and find your own viewer but suggest you only download from safe sites such as Google Play,  itunes or microsoft sites

Vacron Viewer User Manual click HERE to download This covers Apple, Android and Blackberry Phones

vMEyeSuper User Manual click HERE to download

Windows Phone User Manual click HERE to download

Link to Vacron site with QR Codes and Manuals  Click HERE

When phone has download App please run it

Android Set Up

Example of Vacron Viewer Android set up

Select Device List then Add, window on left should appear. Host Name can be what you like, rest must be as listed

Select DX-DVR

Host Addr

Media Port   37777

Account         lhfauser

Password      lhfa

Channel 1

You can select Single Screen to get a better but slower picture

Arrow left when finished.

Android Set Up 2

Now this should appear you can just select Add channels from the device only

Please ensure when you have finished viewing this stop icon is selected and video is lost. Otherwise you could stop other members viewing as there is a limited number that can view at one time

Android Set Up 302

You should now be able to view Video

If you have not got one single Camera view either double tap the image or or select it from left hand icon

vMEyeSuper 1

Example of vMEyeSuper Android set up

Select Device List then Add this is the + button bottom left

Select DX-DVR

Host Addr

Media Port   37777

Account         lhfauser

Password      lhfa

Channel 1

vMEyeSuper 2

Device Name  lhfa

Connection leave as IP/Domain


TCP Port       37777

User Name    lhfauser

Password      lhfa

Max Channel 1

Please ensure the stop play button is selected when you have finished viewing.

vMEyeSuper 3

Have not tried this on an iPhone or Windows phone so if someone could let me know that would be good.

To view on a PC (windows based)

Download and then install CMS
Click HERE to download file

When installed run CMS
Tick the auto login in box (there is no password) and then Select OK
It will now run and as it’s the first time it will come up with Device List is Empty.
Select OK
Select System this is bottom right
Select Device Manager top right
Select Add Area and call it say Cameras
You should now have Cameras sitting below Zone List
Select Cameras which should high light it
Select Add device and form below should appear

IP Address Info07

Fill out form as
Device Name     LHFA
IP Address
Port                      37777
User                     lhfauser
Password            lhfa
Do not change any other areas
Select OK
LHFA now should come up under Cameras, if it does not check what you entered is correct
Once LHFA has come up below Cameras Select OK
At top left you should see LHFA

Photo 102

Double click LHFA and you should see it expand and connect

Hover mouse again over LHFA and then left click mouse, you should now see this

For better viewing quality then select Connect all Video Main Stream but be warned it will be slow.
For faster viewing but lower picture quality then select Connect all Video Extra Stream

Photo 3
Photo 2

Camera 1 should now be displaying Video

You can expand this to full size by double clicking anywhere on Camera 1 displayed video area, double click full size to return to normal.

Please make sure when you have finished viewing you log out by closing CMS application down, when you do it will ask for a password just Select OK as there is no password.

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