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LHFA cannot be responsible for any errors or problems you encounter when altering your system settings or downloading software to any device. Please take safe guards as instructed by device manufacturer.

If you are not sure then please get expert help

Please let me know if you think anything can be improved (email Webmaster), Thanks.

Instructions for new camera system on Smart Phone


  • Download  ivms-4500 App suitable for your phone type.
  • Run App,  enter Europe as region, then top left select circle with three lines in it.
  • Select Devices
  • Select top right circle with + in it.
  • Select Manual Adding.
  • Click on New Device 01 and delete this then put in a name you want to call your cameras, this can be any name.
  • Click to right of register Mode and select IP/Domain if this is already selected no need to do anything.
  • Click to right of Address and enter
  • Click to right of Port and enter 8000
  • Click to right of User Name and enter lhfauser
  • Click to right of Password and enter   ???????? (password is on notice board  at club)
  • Click on top right circle with cassette disk in it, this will save App information entered.
  • Select Start Live View, you should now be able to view cameras.
  • You can double click on a camera to get larger view double click again to return.
  • Down the bottom are options for camera views etc. Drag these options to left for more. By selecting plus sign you can zoom in(touch  fingers on screen and drag apart) to get back to normal select plus sign again.

Instructions for new camera system using a Windows or Mac based PC

  • Click here to download  ivms-4200 from Hikvision Website.
  • For Windows select Hikvision iVMS-4200 V3.2.0.10(Multilingual)
  • For Mac select Hikvision iVMS-4200 V2.0.0.5(for Mac)
  • Install and enter user name/password (it will ask for memorial data)  Click on auto logon but please remember your password just in case.
  • Select Device Management.
  • Name enter lhfa or one of your choice.
  • Address enter
  • Port enter 8000
  • User Name enter lhfauser
  • Password enter  ???????? (password is on notice board  at club)
  • Now add this device
  • It should come up with a green tick and say online.
  • Now click on Group and then Add, call this lhfa and then import encodings.
  • Click on main view  top left.
  • Click on three dots to right of lhfa and select stream, set sub stream to all.
  • Camera views should start to appear.
  • You can get a clearer picture by selecting Set main stream to all.
  • When you reload the application your setting should be saved and cameras already loaded up.
  • This App can be slow, depends on your processor and memory so please be patient.
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